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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 15, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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get at the toddler and opens his jaws over his head. luckily the bulletproof partition sepa more than 100 san jose police officers to be laid off as the city grapples with a budget deficit. kron4 talks to mayor chuck reid as well as the police chief with how the city will deal with the layoffs as the city sees its 27th homicide so far this year. live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. san jose's homicide rate continues to grow. the most recent murder happened here shortly before 3:00 this morning. this is where one man was killed. three others were shot. the murder is san jose's 27th homicide of the year, more than twice the number recorded at this time a year ago. and this comes as scores of
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police officers in san jose will lose their jobs at the end of june because of city budget cuts. in a 7-4 vote, the mayor's new budget plan was approved. the move came after the police union agreed that officers would take a 10% pay cut. we spoke with the mayor about the decision. >> any time you're laying off police officers and shrinking the fire department, cutting back library hours, it's a sad day. it's a very difficult decision but it's driven by a budget gap that we had to close. >> kron4's j.r. stone talked with the police chief and the union about the tough decisions ahead. >> we want to make that message perfectly clear for people, this is not the time. we will continue to focus on gang-related crime. >> reporter: he made a vow to the community after it was finalized that 180 officers will be laid off. >> you had a riot involving 100 people just a short distance
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down the block from city hall. you had a triple shooting. you can't afford to lay off one officer, let alone a hundred. >> our number one priority is that response to 911 calls for service is the first priority. >> reporter: the chief says gang investigations are also at the top of his priority list. but there are some things that might be taking a back seat. >> on the property side, we're not going to be able to put much priority at all on property crime investigation. >> reporter: from 2000 to 2006, san jose was the safest big city. at that time, rand 1,400 officers were employed. right now, around 1,200 are working, but in july, the number of employed officers in san jose will drop to around 1,000. >> it's a very sad day, because we've never placed off officers. >> keep in mind, there was some good news that came from this san jose city council meeting. i talked with union reps and they said that police officers decided to take a 10% cut.
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this saved 156 jobs. for now reporting in san jose, j.r. stone, kron4 news. turning now to the state budget battle. if state lawmakers do not pass a balanced budget and send it to the governor tomorrow, they will forfeit their pay. yet despite this approaching deadline, legislators still have not reached an agreement to close the $9.5 billion budget gap. democrats want to extend a variety of taxes and fees but they can't get the four republicans needed to make that happen. kron4's dan kerman breaks down what's next. >> reporter: the state senate met briefly wednesday afternoon. >> i'm trying to create a path of balance and inclusiveness, and trying to get some solutions. so far, we're getting a lot of resistance and i'm going to keep pushing. >> reporter: the governor is pushing for a plan that calls for tax extensions to close a
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$9.6 billion budget hole but so far, the four republicans needed for that to happen haven't materialized. >> the last hobby horse that they can ride is no taxes ever. if that's the story, then we're going to have to downscoping our universities, our correctional system and a lot of other things that i don't think the majority of people want. >> reporter: to pass a budget without tax extensions, the legislature will be forced to close the $9.6 billion budget hole with more program cuts. the department of defense outlined what an all-cuts budget would look like. it could include cuts to k-12 education, which could lead to class size increases. it could mean more cuts to community colleges and the uc and cal state systems, which would lead to higher fees. another area it could impact is public safety. for example, the state might
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not be able to supervise nonviolent parolees and state taskforces dealing with drugs may have to be cut. it could impact health and human services by leading to further cuts in the cal works programs, cuts to programs in the seniors and the disabled and the capping of some med cal coverage. >> if it is passed sometime wednesday, the governor will have 12 days to sign it. during those 12 days, he can continue to try to twist some arms. they could call the bill back and pass a budget as the governor had originally proposed. dan kerman, kron4 news. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a two-alarm blaze that gutted the inside of king elementary school in richmond. kron4's reggie kumar tells us school officials that the brand- new school next door was not damaged in the fire. >> investigators are calling
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this fire suspicious. >> reporter: the main building at king elementary school has been boarded up after flames destroyed everything inside monday night. the school year just wrapped up two days ago. school officials believe the fire was purposely set and whoever started it may have snuck into the building while movers relocated items to the new school campus next door. fire investigators haven't said if this fire was arson. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: investigators told him they found three ignition points inside the building. >> if that wasn't a cinder block beleagu, that whole neighborhood could have been on fire by the reckless act of a few. they have to be caught and they have to be brought to justice and they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> too a whole fire demolish the school site is saddening and sickening seeing all the damage, there was computers in there that could have been used by other schools, there was old
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momentoes of the school. >> reporter: there have been three fires within last two years set by someone. >> they do have fire insurance to coverage the damages here but this school was scheduled for demolition anyway in a couple of weeks. first lady michelle obama visited the bay area today to raise money for her husband's re-election campaign. she appeared at two fundraising events. a breakfast in berkeley and a lunch in san francisco. the highest tickets for the events cost as much as $25,000 each. a ruling that overturned california's ban on same-sex marriage remains in place tonight. proposition 8 supporters had challenged the decision by retired judge vaughn walker after it was revealed he is guy. they argued that walker should have recused himself because of a conflict of interest. but in a decision today, the
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new judge in the case let walker's ruling stand. lock heed martin plans to cut 1,200 jobs from its equipment division. the aerospace contractor says the nationwide cuts will most heavily affect areas where the company is ending its contract. it will offer voluntary layoffs to eligible employees to minimize the number of pink slips. it was hot out there today and it will be hot again tomorrow with temperatures reaching into the 90s in some parts of the bay area. cooler weather on tap as we head into the weekend. a full forecast is coming up in just
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announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. in news around the bay, five redwood city middle school students are being charged with attempted rape. police say it happened in march during a kennedy middle school field trip. 212-year-olds reported the attack to a counselor. officials are also
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investigating the incident and reviewing safety measures for future school trips. a 175-acre wildfire in the east bay is contained. the grass fire broke out near the pass by interstate 580 and grand line road. two nearby ranches were initially in danger but the fire crews managed to contain the fire, avoiding any damage. nobody was hurt. the cause is under investigation. a plane that had been on display at the old alameda airbase since 1969 was crushed by a crane today. look at this video. the plane was being remounted onto the pedestal after two years of restoration. the crane hoisting it was reportedly on soft ground from recent irrigation. the damage will likely set the restoration project back by about a year. this coming thursday, kron4 will be airing nbc programming and bringing you a special edition of kron4 news. you can see community at 8:00
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in national news tonight, congressman anthony weiner's constituents remain sharply divided on whether he should resign. the married new york democratic is caught up in a scandal in which he sent lewd photographs of himself to several women. today, president obama made the first official visit to puerto rico by a united states president since 1961. citizens there cannot vote in presidential general elections but it is believed that this visit would could help him with hispanic voters on the mainland. there has been a long time debate on whether or not it should embrace statehood. new rules published today are aiming to make sunscreen labels easier to understand.
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sunscreen makers will now have to prove that their products filter out two key types of ultraviolet rays. if the sunscreen does not have that level of protection, the products will have to carry warnings. it sure was warm out there today. look at our high temperatures, mainly in the 80s and low 90s, although closer to the coastline it was a little cooler, 62 in half moon bay, 70 in san francisco but 90 in san rafael, 93 in antioch. it was a lot warmer yesterday. 15 degrees warmer in redwood city, 12 degrees warmer in oakland and the warmer weather will continue into tomorrow. let's take a look neighborhood by neighborhood, 88 degrees expected in santa rosa, 91 in fairfield. we're not going to see any fog out there tomorrow morning. very minimal fog along the coastline so temperatures there in the 60s, even low 70s.
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72 also in san francisco. 70s for the most part for our east bay shores, 80, though, down in union city. of course, our warmest locations are going to be our inland valleys tomorrow once again reaching the 90s in a number of places. concord 90 degrees, 93 in pleasanton and a mixture of 80s and even low 90s in the south bay. a look at your kron4 seven-day around-the-bay forecast, warm again out there tomorrow but our sea breeze winds are going to kick back in for thursday so we'll see a little bit more fog thursday morning and the fog will get deeper and deeper as we head towards the weekend with cooler temperatures on top. saturday will be the coolest day of the week. then as we head into the rest of the weekend and next week, conditions will start to improve with warmer temperatures and less fog. today, i am very happy to announce google instant pages. >> google held a news conference in san francisco today to unveil some new things
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coming to google's search. we were there. >> reporter: google unveiled instant pages which they claim will save you two to four second on average. normally when you pick a webpage, it takes on average five seconds to load before you can do anything with that page. so now with instant pages, google will try to guess what you're going to pick from the search results and prerender that page so when you click on it, it's already loaded and ready to go. this screen is split in two, the right side is running instant pages, the left is a regular search. when running a search at the same time, you can see the right side loads the search results quicker. >> today, we're also announcing search by image on desktop. >> reporter: google also unveiled a really cool way to search with a picture. say you can't remember where you were in a picture of yourself, you know you're on vacation. you can drag and drop a picture into the search box and get results based on that picture. find out where you are, what the location was, it will do
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this based on the background compared to other pictures on the web. another example, you want to know what company this logo belongs to, drag and drop the picture in the search box and find out. another example, you can search an image of a well-known painting, get some information on it and google's bringing voice search to desktop computers like it offers for android smart phones. >> pictures of nebula. >> pretty cool. it's as if you had typed it. >> i tried it out, you just click on the microphone, and speak what you're looking for. >> golden gate bridge. >> it worked perfectly. i tried it a second time. >> palace of fine arts. >> it worked again, very cool. the new features will be rolling out later this week. the as try to win one for the new skipper as bob melvin makes his home debut. and the panda returns to the lineup as the giants put up their highest run total in 10
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all right, good evening, everybody. a new manager but the same old as story. here's bob melvin, grew up in the bay area, first home game in the green and gold and hideki matsui did something, his fifth home-run and kansas city's lead down to 2-1. but trevor cahill, the as' ace signed up to -- save walks, gave -- seven walks, there noes billy butler with the double. bob melvin new 1-0 as as manager, 7-4 kansas city beats the oakland athletics. pablo sandoval back for the giants. first contest since injuring his hand 47 days ago, went 1- for-4 with an rbi, the panda hats are still out. it's 2-0 giants in the 5th and
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cody ross doubling to left, they say it's 104 degrees in phoenix and they opened the roof. really? all right, anyway, it's 5-0 at 1 point and then miguel montero, a three-run homer off matt cain, the giants' lead down to 5-4, cain gave up five runs but the bullpen saved the day, would help. look at torres running down, six runs, the most the giants have scored in 10 games and lead the diamondbacks by a game and a half in the national league west. cal baseball tomorrow, they had their final workout in workly today. david eskers' team is going to be the eighth seed and they're going to face number one seed virginia but the way things have been going for cal this year, they're used to that
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underdog role. this might have been their last deal of baseball. an eight seed versus a number one. >> i've talked to a couple of reporters out of omaha and they're predicting the same thing, that we may be the fans' pick. that's a little extra enthusiasm at the park for you. >> 11:00 on sunday morning, you can see the game from omaha, nebraska. i can't help it. [ laughter ] >> they've been on me somewhere to tweet, you know, and i don't want to tweet. >> me, either. >> but i said no, aren't you starting to tweet a little bit? you don't tweet? oh, good. >> i've got too many other things to take care of. >> can i use you as an example? if pam doesn't tweet, jackie you tweet, huh? >> i do. >> nothing wrong with that. >> not -- >> for a promotional thing, tomorrow night we're going to have this or that but just to say, had a sandwich. >> tweet the weather.
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i'm tweeting the weather. >> that's an informational service. but i just -- i don't want to follow anybody. have you ever noticed that? who wants to follow someone? >> i don't know. >> i'm following rickey martin and his adopted kids, you know. i'm following him. i just don't want to follow anyone. is that selfish? yes. oh, it is, i'll finish up here. good news, nfl labor talks, the owners and the players getting together and the cbs report tonight says there's an 80- 85%of their talks are complete. that is nothing official but people feeling really good. we'll just say the seventh game in hockey, vancouver-boston tomorrow night, the season will finally end and maybe i'll send out a tweet, should be good game. [ laughter ] >> should be good game. >> there will be people who will follow you. >> you know what vern tweeted
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